New article Write a program to tee output using Rust

My article "Write a program to tee output using Rust" is out in Linux Voice (Issue 27).

When I first set out to learning Rust, I really liked how the Rust programming language book took the approach of introducing the language via small projects. In a recent "New Rustacean" bonus episode, Chris Krycho urges "to build anything" in Rust while one is learning the language. If you like both of those things, I think you will find my article useful. In it, I aim to introduce the reader to the Rust programming language by building a program which mimics the functionality of the tee program.

I have updated the GitHub repo with all the programs discussed in the article.

I hope you enjoy reading the article, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions/comments/queries. I am @echorand on Twitter, or you can email me at AT