PyCon US 2022 Talk - Implementing Shared Functionality Using Middleware

I delivered a talk at the recently concluded PyCon US 2022 conference.

Amazing conference, great work by the organizers and everybody involved. This was my third time at PyCon US and my first time participating in the post conference sprints. I contributed to the Pyodide project during the sprints, and was a great experience to work with the core developers during the sprints and for a couple of days after the sprints. I also had a great time speaking to so many people, discussing my talk, my book, their talks, and their work.

It was also great to speak to participants who were able to attend the conference, thanks to grants from Pyladies. This was a great reminder to me of the impact that PSF and Pyladies are having via their work.

This is a great recap by another attendee about how they experienced the conference.

My talk

My talk was titled “Implementing Shared Functionality Using Middleware”.

While preparing this talk, I went on a journey that taught me so much about WSGI applications, ASGI applications and how the different frameworks implement middleware internally.

Some of my biggest insights which I had and implemented myself are:

I hope I was able to communicate all my own learnings effectively via my talk.

The video is now available here.

Slides and Demo code are available here.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge PyCon providing a free service for speakers to have a session with a speaking coach. That was really very helpful in improving my own talk delivery and presentation.