New article Write an Image Cropping program with Go

My article "Write an Image Cropping with Go" is out in Linux Voice (Issue 26). It is my first article to be published in Linux Voice and I am very excited about it.

It is challenging to write an introductory article without being able to explain everything the reader needs to know so as to follow the article, while keeping the article concise. Therefore I have updated the GitHub repo of the final code with a README which points you to various resources and tips I found useful while I was learning myself.

Go is one of the two "new" languages I have been exploring (the other being Rust). What do I like about it?

What I like about Go?

  • It is statically typed, but with type inference
  • Rich standard library
  • I like how it enforces code organization via workspaces, no unused imports and gofmt being the one and only way of formatting your code correctly.
  • I didn't discuss "goroutines" and "channels" in the article. But finally, a programming language feature that have allowed me to write concurrent programs without having to look up the documentation
  • GoDoc is awesome
  • Testable examples in Go

I hope you enjoy reading the article, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions/comments/queries. I am @echorand on Twitter, or you can email me at AT

In the next issue of Linux Voice, I have an article coming up on Rust.