PyCon AU 2021 Talk - Planning for Failure using Chaos Engineering

I delivered a talk at the recently concluded PyCon Australia conference.

Amazing conference, great work by the organizers and everybody involved. Fantastic experience!

My talk

My talk was in the DevOops track titled “Planning for Failure using Chaos Engineering”.

Since I joined Atlassian, I have come to realize the value chaos engineering/wargaming brings to the table when it comes to assess the production readiness of your services. However, as I discuss in the talk, it’s not really just about your software’s readiness, it is also about your people systems. I also intentionally devote the maximum time talking about the methodologies and principles, rather than the software tools available to run chaos engineering experiments. That comes from my personal experience that the value must first be understood before embarking on your chaos engineering journey.

The video is now available here.

Slides are here and the demo code is available here.