AWS Private Route53 DNS and Docker containers

AWS Route 53 private hosted zones enable you to have private DNS names which only resolve from your VPC. This is great when working from EC2 instances since everything is setup and ready to go. This however becomes a problem when using docker containers on a systemd system. On such a system, systemd-resolved sits in between your host applications and name resolution. The entry in /etc/resolv.conf is basically, which doesn’t mean much when you want name resolution from a docker container which defaults to for name resolution. Hence, we need a way to set AWS VPC DNS server as an additional DNS server for the docker daemon.

Hence, I wrote a small small utility - aws-vpc-dns-address. This is basically a golang version of the comment by Dusan Bajic here. Having a Golang binary means, I can use this on Linux and Windows. Running the program will print the DNS server, which you can then use for example to set the DNS server in docker to be able to resolve private DNS names.