This blog

This blog is generated using Hugo and hosted on GitHub pages powered via GitHub actions.

Basically the publishing flow for me looks like this:

  1. I write my new content as a Markdown file and push a new commit with my changes
  2. (1) triggers a build - a GitHub action action
  3. A Docker image containing hugo is built using a custom Dockerfile
  4. The image is then run to generate the website source
  5. The generated website source is then pushed to

About me

Hello, My name is Amit Saha. I work as a software engineer and I explore software via programming, writing articles and books and giving talks.

Open source contributions

Over the years, I have contributed code/docs to various projects in various programming languages:

  • NetBeans IDE (Java)
  • SymPy (Python)
  • CPython (Python)
  • NLog (C sharp)
  • Statsd exporter (Golang)
  • Vector (Rust)
  • Inspec (Ruby)

(My email address for these commits would be or

Contact me

You can contact me via email, Twitter and on LinkedIn. I welcome any queries/questions you may have.