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About me

Hello, My name is Amit - I work as a software engineer and I explore software via programming, writing articles and books and giving talks.

These are a result of a lot of hit and trial and frustrating hours spent fighting with software only having the end result in mind. My approach to work has recently become - i struggle with everything, so I don’t need to pick and choose what kind of software I am working with - frontend, backend, infrastructure, windows or Linux. Given a problem or an idea at hand, I will try to implement it without thinking I am better off doing something else. It’s all a learning experience.

Feel free to reuse/relink any contents on this blog in anyway you please. I appreciate a credit linking back to my post/blog.

Open source contributions

Over the years, I have contributed code/docs to various projects in various programming languages:

  • NetBeans IDE (Java)
  • SymPy (Python)
  • CPython (Python)
  • NLog (C sharp)
  • Statsd exporter (Golang)
  • Vector (Rust)
  • Inspec (Ruby)

(My email address for these commits would be or

Contact me

You can contact me via email, Twitter and on LinkedIn. I welcome any queries/questions you may have.

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I get paid for my books and articles I write for other people. However, if my articles/code on this blog has helped you in anyway and want to say thanks, I welcome donations via PayPal.