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Hello, My name is Amit - I am interested in programming, software tools, systems and infrastructure. A lot of what I explore in software makes it to my blog posts, articles, books, talks and GitHub repositories. If you would like to get an email everytime I write something new, please subscribe to my newsletter. You can contact me via email, on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Blog posts

My post recent posts are below. So far, I have written about C, Fedora, Golang, Infrastructure, Python and various others.

Powershell: Measuring seconds elapsed

I have been working with PowerShell for three months now, and my approach to using it has been pretty much google and trial - copying things, modifying things till they work and learning new things on the way. This post talks about a discovery which I made today.

I had a …

Using Terraform with consul remote backend

In my new post on the CodeShip blog, I discuss configuring terraform with a consul remote backend. The entire aricle is available here.

The accompanying git repository is here. Please file an issue if you have trouble following the setup.

Pre-release Fedora Scientific Vagrant Boxes

I am very excited to share that sometime back the Fedora project gave the go ahead on my idea of making Fedora Scientific available as Vagrant boxes starting with Fedora 29. This basically means (I think) that using Fedora Scientific in a virtual machine is even easier. Instead of downloading …

Video: PYCON US 2018 Talk - Counter, Gauge, Oh my!

The video for my PyCon talk - "Counter, Gauge, Oh My!" is up:

The accompanying git repository is here and has the demos, links to some of my related articles and other resources.

If you have any feedback, please let me know.

A demo plugin based Python code analyser

A few weeks back I wrote a analyser for Apache Thrift IDL in Python. We used it to enforce some code review guidelines. When we hooked it onto arcanist lint engine, we could give feedback to developers at the time they were proposing a code change. The thrift parsing was …

PYCON US 2018 talk: Counter, Gauge, Upper 90 - Oh my!

In a couple of days, on Saturday, I will be delivering my PYCON US talk titled Counter, Gauge, Upper 90 - Oh my!.

This talk covers my journey into application monitoring in general and Python applications specifically. We will start with looking into the why of monitoring, learn the absolute basics …

Fedora Scientific 28 is here!

Fedora 28 is out and I am happy to share that after a few releases of no Fedora Scientific, we are back. Thanks to all your emails and enquiring about whether Fedora Scientific is dead.

Fedora Scientific 28 Download

Go Download it now!

The Fedora Scientific Guide has been updated a bit as well …

How does ping roughly work over IPv4 on Linux?


The ping program is one of the most common programs which is used to check the "aliveness" of a host and a typical execution looks as follows:

$ ping -c 1 -4

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data …

Notes on using Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS

I recently learned about Cloudflare's DNS service. One of the more interesting things that caught my attention there was DNS over HTTPS. That is, we can do this:

22:27 $ http 'https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query?ct=application/dns-json&name=echorand.
HTTP/1.1 200 OK …

Fedora Scientific 28 Beta

Fedora 28 beta was announced recently and I am happy to say Fedora Scientific is back.

One note though, the following applications/libraries are not part of the release:

  • networkx
  • scilab
  • sagemath
  • rkward

You can install them on your installation using:

$ sudo dnf install python*-networkx scilab sagemath rkward

The …

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