Amit Saha’s Technical Writings

I am a software engineer with a deep interest in writing. The articles listed here are the ones I have started writing for this space exclusively. The articles which I have written in the past for various magazines are not linked from here, but are available here, if you are interested to take a look.

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Articles and Terms of use

The entire project is available on GitHub. Each of the article’s page also has a link to its source. The article sources are not be reproduced/remixed in any form without an explicit permission from me.

The example source code is free for use in any way that may prove useful, without any explicity gurantee from me on any purpose beyond what is shown in the article.


I manage the contents here using a Sphinx project. I think it is really awesome.

Also, as you probably can notice at the page footer, I am using the Bootstrap theme modified for Sphinx by Scotch Media.

And last but not the least, thanks to GitHub for GitHub pages.