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  1. Data only Docker containers

    In this post, we shall take a look at the idea of data only containers - containers whose sole purpose is to exist on the docker host so that other containers can have portable access to a persistent data volume.

    Why do we need a persistent data volume?

    We will experiment ...

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  2. Mounting a docker volume on SELinux enabled host

    My workflow with docker usually involves volume mounting a host directory so that I can read and write to the host directory from my container as a non-root user. On a Fedora 23 host with SELinux enabled, this is what I have to do differently:

    Use: -v /var/dir1:var ...
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  3. Standalone open source puppet setup on Fedora

    My goal in this post is to show how to setup puppet in standalone mode on a Fedora 23 system. This setup will allow writing puppet modules and then you can apply them on your local system and check manually and via serverspec tests that they are doing what you ...

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