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Setting up OpenVPN client with systemd template unit files

First, I installed openvpn:

$ sudo dnf  -y install openvpn

Then, I used the following systemd unit file from here to create a systemd service for creating a new VPN connection on Fedora 27:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/openvpn@.service 

Description=OpenVPN service for %I …

Did your Fedora live cd build fail?

Update: Changed the Koji URL to reflect the change to livemedia

As the Fedora Scientific maintainer, I have to make sure I look into whether the nightly build is failing so that I can look into the why. So far I have been doing that by going to the koji …

Standalone open source puppet setup on Fedora

My goal in this post is to show how to setup puppet in standalone mode on a Fedora 23 system. This setup will allow writing puppet modules and then you can apply them on your local system and check manually and via serverspec tests that they are doing what you …

Fedora 22 Scientific

Fedora 22 was released recently which also means we have a new Fedora Scientific release. Fedora Scientific is now part of Fedora labs.

Featured Applications Image

As you can see, the new home for Fedora Scientific looks amazing. The "Featured Applications" section features the most important and useful tools in Fedora Scientific. I …

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