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  1. Setup Golang on Fedora 24 (and other Linux distributions)

    This guide will be how I usually setup and get started with Go development environment on Linux. By the end of this document, we will have seen how to:

    • Install the Go compiler and other tools (gofmt, for eaxmple), collectively referred to as go tools
    • Setup Go workspace
    • Working with ...
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  2. Presentation slides with Jupyter Notebook

    I presented at the PyCon 2016 Education Summit on "Doing Math with Python" day before yesterday and a lightning talk yesterday. This is the first time, I prepared a slide deck using Jupyter Notebook + Reveal.js. I was pleased with the content creation process and the end result. So, here ...

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  3. runC and libcontainer on Fedora 23/24

    In this post, I will post my notes on how I got runC and then using libcontainer on Fedora. The first step is to install golang:

    $ sudo dnf -y install golang
    $ go version
    go version go1.6 linux/amd64

    We will set GOPATH=~/golang/ and then do the following:

    $ mkdir ...
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