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Fri 12 January 2018
Setting up OpenVPN client with systemd template unit files
Fri 05 January 2018
Tip: Terraform and AWS Security Group rules in EC2 classic
Fri 05 January 2018
Compilation and Interpretation in C and CPython
Thu 04 January 2018
Tip: MySQL - Too many connections
Wed 03 January 2018
Using Travis CI to publish to GitHub pages with custom domain
Mon 01 January 2018
Tip: Rotating video frames using iMovie
Mon 01 January 2018
Getting started with gRPC and Python
Fri 01 December 2017
Brief overview of using consul tags
Sun 29 October 2017
Add an additional host entry to docker container
Thu 26 October 2017
User-defined networks in Docker for inter-container communication
Thu 26 October 2017
Monitoring Python applications with Prometheus
Wed 26 April 2017
Dissecting golang's HandlerFunc, Handle and DefaultServeMux
Thu 06 April 2017
Doing Math with Python Humble Bundle
Tue 28 March 2017
Introducing distributed tracing in your Python application via Zipkin
Sun 26 March 2017
Notes on using Golang to write gitbackup
Wed 01 March 2017
QueueLogger and Python JSON Logger
Wed 01 March 2017
Setup Golang 1.8 and gb on Fedora (and other Linux distributions)
Thu 23 June 2016
Setup Golang on Fedora 24 (and other Linux distributions)
Tue 31 May 2016
Presentation slides with Jupyter Notebook
Wed 04 May 2016
New article: Write a program to tee output using Rust
Wed 27 April 2016
runC and libcontainer on Fedora 23/24
Sun 17 April 2016
Webucator video: Python classes - basics beyond the absolute basics
Sun 17 April 2016
New article: Write an Image Cropping program with Go
Wed 17 February 2016
Did your Fedora live cd build fail?
Mon 25 January 2016
Replacing boto S3 mocks using moto in Python
Wed 20 January 2016
tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() in Python
Mon 11 January 2016
Mock objects and non-existent attributes/methods in Python
Sun 13 December 2015
Data only Docker containers
Mon 30 November 2015
A virtualenv first approach to Python projects
Thu 19 November 2015
PYTHONHASHSEED and your tests
Mon 05 October 2015
Mounting a docker volume on SELinux enabled host
Thu 01 October 2015
Standalone open source puppet setup on Fedora
Thu 11 June 2015
Fedora 22 Scientific
Thu 30 April 2015

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