Article: Getting Started with Inotify

Update: The PDF is now available.

It’s always fun to peek into one of the umpteen features of Linux. In the April, 2011 issue of Linux For You I take a hands-on look at Inotify.

The source code for this article is available at

In other news:

Going the Arch Way

In other news, I have finally switched to Arch Linux – courtesy, ArchBang i.e. ArchLinux + Openbox. Whereas its still early days, but its fun that Linux feels like the Linux of old. Editing rc.conf, .xinitrc, sshd_config by hand is sheer joy after having been in purely Ubuntu land for quite a while. The Arch Wiki is indispensable if you have Wireless woes to fix – like blacklisting some modules.


I was are of  x2x for a while, but didn’t have the resources to use it. But, having two desktops at work now, I just had the right reason to try it out.  Just followed the instructions here and had everything setup sweetly. In case your server is ArchLinux a.k.a a real Linux, you will need to edit your sshd_config to enable X11 forwarding, as described here


Accidentally discovered Arduino and am looking forward to play with it with the Arduino Starter Kit.

Ray Bradbury

I am totally digging Ray Bradbury’s works. After finishing Dandelion Wine, I am currently hooked up with The Illustrated Man.

Research Update

Last, but not the least,  I have got a couple of papers accepted in the IEEE CEC 2011 at New Orleans, USA. yay!

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